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Nov 11, 2012 8:00am PST
of month of 1918. germany and the u.s. that ended the war. millions of veterans later we attempt to honor the lives of who helped. >> good morning. a relatively quiet morning along market street. at least for now some people are getting out and about. however, that is expected to change with 11:00 a.m. the starting time. this staging for the parade is right behind me. veterans, organizers will start in getting everything ready. it takes off from here. market street/second street. they will go west, towards civic center plaza is similar to the san francisco giants parade. just a couple of weeks ago. it is scheduled to last until 3:00 p.m. and a salute to veterans that have also served in the middle east. afghanistan and iraq. half some public view the lines are impacted, so if you're going to be coming out here please do some research and plan ahead are going to be lots of people out with road closures and that sort of thing. or if you would like to avoid this altogether but there is still plenty of room along market street. if you're going to come down is much easier to get a spot instead
Nov 25, 2012 8:00am PST
this started. >> this was in washington d.c.. and the dock worker at the u.s. state department. the spokesperson for the fired parma's say it was put out quickly but one person suffered life-threatening injuries. it was during the morning when the construction workers were morning but not many people were there because of the holiday >> there are new developments in the petraeus sex scandal. the fbi is now investigating weather or not the general mistress, had access to sensitive information. the fbi is now investigating weather the former four-star generals mistress, paulsa broadwell had access to classified military material barbara start explains. >> inside david petraeus is a command center in afghanistan, the briefings regularly include classified information. did some of that information make its material from a number of individuals. confirmed to cnn and contributor, tom fuented that investigators are looking at weather broad well, who later had an extramarital affair with a trance was given a classified material by may have thought that it. as she was in material for he
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
million people from around the world. the dallas franchise was so successful that it was reprise. the u.s. network tnt brought it back with a new generation of ewing's. hagman also came back as j. r. once again. critics stated that he was the best thing about dallas but they explained that his character's appeal he stated that the time was ripe for a real bad guy and it was him. >> it was a good guy that larry hagman blasted into peavepeople's living runs. it ws still popular in syndication. even as a kid he or into show biz. here is the son of pierre can start-- >> it was only after he made a huge contract from the producers of dallas that he became wealthy. he had houses, cars. two of them included drunken smoking. he smoked for 24 years and he gave it up and became an anti-smoking person. he stopped drinking in 1995 when he was diagnosed liver cancer and he underwent a transplant. in recent years he appeared on the big screen in films like nixon and primary colors. it was his role as the charming and conniving oilman that what fans will never forget. >> i heard this morning that he was
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3